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Commercial & Industrial Lighting Products  

Commercial & Industrial Lighting Products

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T5HO & T8 High Bay/Low Bay Flourescent Light Fixtures

  • 2-12 lamps available in 4’ & 8’ lengths – safety coated lamps available
  • Miro-4 mirror finish reflector or white reflector available

Simkar Summit LED High Bay

LED High Bay Fixtures

LED High Bay Fixtures  from 150 Watts to 330 Watts
Replace 250 Watt - 400 Watt Metal Halides



Vapor Tight Flourescent Light Fixtures

This gasketed enclosure is designed for damp or wet locations indoors and outdoors. An excellent choice for food processing environments! UL Listed with IP 65, 66 and 67 ratings. The clear impact resistant acrylic or polycarbonate lens can withstand most harsh environments. It is available with T5HO Program Start or T8 ballasts in 4’ and 8’ lengths. It's low profile makes it ideal for tight areas and low ceilings. Also available in narrow one-lamp model. UL Listing E319063.


Flourescent Retrofit Kits for Troffers and Strip Lights

Retrofit kits are available for 4' & 8' strip lights, 2'x2' & 2'x4' troffers and other recessed or surface mount lighting. Custom kits for strip channels over 5.25" wide & others are available in some cases.

LED retrofit Kits

LED Retrofit Kits for Troffers

Retrofit kits are available for 2'x2' & 2'x4' troffers and other recessed or surface mount lighting.  3 Styles:  Standard Troffer Retrofit Kit, Backlit Troffer Retrofit Kit, and Flat Panel Troffer Retrofit Kit


Exit Signs, Outdoor, CFL Floods & Emergency Lights

LED Technology has replaced incandescent light bulbs in exit signage for minimal energy consumption and long life (up to 25 years!) Energy consumption is less than 4 watts for red letters, and less than 3 watts for green letters!
  • Mounting options – ceiling, wall, vertical end
  • Damp location
  • Red or green letters
  • Black or white housing in plastic or aluminum
  • Single or double face stencil
  • Emergency lights option
  • Completely self-contained
  • Battery backup – run time of a minimum of 90 minutes


Individual Lamps

Various Lamps Available All types of linear fluorescent – sold by the case only – call for pricing and availability.


Fixtures Options

Need an option you don't see? Just give us a call!

LED Flood & Outdoor Lights

LED Area & Flood Lights

LED floodlights are designed specifically to provide a contemporary, more energy efficient and longer lasting alternative to 250W to 400W HID floodlights and shoe box-shaped fixtures for site lighting applications including area, perimeter, security, parking, building facades, and signage.

LED floodlights provide intense illumination and energy savings of up to 62% while operating for 50,000 hours (L70) – up to 6 times longer than traditional HID floodlights.