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LED Area & Flood Lights

LED floodlights are designed specifically to provide a contemporary, more energy efficient and longer lasting alternative to 250W to 400W HID floodlights and shoe box-shaped fixtures for site lighting applications including area, perimeter, security, parking, building facades, and signage.

LED floodlights provide intense illumination and energy savings of up to 62% while operating for 50,000 hours (L70) – up to 6 times longer than traditional HID floodlights.

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Altech AE-L-SBHO LED Shoebox

Deco D816-LED

ALTECH LED ALAS Area Light - DLC PREMIUM ($195.00 - $365.00)


Altech LED High Output Shoe Boxes ($239.95 - $575.95)


D816-LED 16" Area Light by DECO Lighting ($311.00 - $443.00)


Deco D823-LED

eLucent LED Area Light


D823-LED 23" Area Light by DECO Lighting (240 Watts, $771.60)

eLucent LED Area Light by ATG Electronics ($309.00 - $419.00)


Industrial Series LED FLood Light by ALTECH ($68.00 - $275.95)


iBrite LED Flood

DECO D-211 Medium Round LED Flood Light

iBrite LED Flood Light by ATG Electronics ($76.00 - $276.00)


D211-LED Medium Round Back Flood by DECO Lighting ($191.00 - $219.00)


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